From March 2016 – February 2017, I was employed as a Producer at BusinessDay TV which broadcasts on DSTV Channel 412.

Business Day TV follows a looping news format, with key material updated and refreshed hourly from 6pm-11pm, Monday to Friday. Business Day TV broadcasts a number of weekly specialist programs dealing with topics like management, entrepreneurship, leadership, health, retirement, business and the law, as well as technology.

My responsibilities included research, liaising with guests and/or PR representatives, organising shoots/interviews related to the programs assigned to me, editing (Final Cut Pro), script-writing, voicing of inserts, promoting shows via Social Media, creating promos and other office administration.

I was responsible for the following shows on the channel:

  • Smart Money: A personal finance and investment show with an educational focus. It is aimed at individuals between the ages of 24 – 40. The show is hosted by Kura Chihota and Warren Ingram and broadcasts on a weekly basis.
  • You and Your Money: A personal finance program hosted live every Monday at 20:30 with Finance Planner Bryan Hirsch.
  • The Business of the Arts South Africa: A series centred around the world of the arts. It showcases and assesses various initiatives that have been launched by the private sector and examines the central issues and points of debate that exist around business and the arts.
  • New Retirement Thinking: A show that is dedicated to unpacking the complex world of retirement planning. Industry experts give their advice on current topics related to your retirement investment.
  • The Big Small Business Show: The Big Small Business Show aims to give viewers practical and down-to-earth business advice and is tailor-made for entrepreneurs.
  • Masterclass: Aimed to give the viewer lessons in personal development, Masterclass covers the soft skills you might not be taught in business school, that could make all the difference in your career.
  • On The Job: Short, profile-format segment that aimed to expose job-seekers to the requirements of different careers. The segment gave a snapshot into the “life of…”. Short, informational and catered to a younger audience.