During the 2015 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, I worked as part of Cue Online, the festival’s online platform of news, events and reviews.

In the ’11 days of amazing’, I produced a range of content including videos, photo’s, infographics, reviews and other pieces of writing that were published during the festival.

This is a collection of some of the work done in that time.

5 Senses of Festival:

The 2015 National Arts Festival is in full swing and if you’ve been on a walkabout tour you will find music, food and performances at every corner. But if all this action is making you feel a little bit overwhelmed, use our helpful guide with a few picks to soothe your senses. This interactive guide has maps, images and helpful hints to help you find some of festivals best activities.
By Amanda Murimba & Azande Sidyiyo

Navigate Monument:

The Monument hosts more or less 12 venues. With the busy environment , two floors and an underground maze  it is easy to get frustrated and lost. Use this monument guide to help navigate your way to the various venues.


By Amanda Murimba & Azande Sidyiyo

Virtual Tours:

Virtual Tour: History Will Break Your Heart:

Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner, Kemang Wa Lehulere showcases his exhibition History Will Break Your Heart at this years festival. The exhibition explores his artistic endeavours, as well as the works of other South African artists. For those that can’t make it up to the Monument Art Gallery, take a virtual tour of some of the exhibition.

Virtual Tour: 40 Stones in the Wall:

After a long day of wandering through a number of the Festival exhibitions, I found myself on High Street at an exhibition that I’m not sure most people were aware of. Located in a room that sits just before the infamous Long Table, the Cory Room was host to the 40 Stones in the Wall exhibition.

The exhibition is comprised of various artworks by a number of people that draw on their interpretations of Christianity, faith and love as inspiration for their artwork.

You can read more about it and check out the exhibition here.

Atmosphere Market: 

On Sunday 5 July festival-goers had a chance to enjoy the ambiance of a different market in town. Atmosphere Market, which is a newly launched monthly market was successful in giving an alternative to the veteran Village Green and Cathedral Markets. Read more about it here.

Life as a R50 at Fest:

Have you ever imagined what life would be like as a sum of money? The things you (literally) could buy and the places you could go? The National Arts Festival is a hustle and bustle of markets, nightlife and spending galore. Follow me as I journey through festival as a crisp R50 note.

My day started as usual. I was scrunched up at the bottom of some stranger’s bag who was over-hyped by the excitement of Fest. I guess I shouldn’t be that pessimistic considering this person rescued me from someone else’s carelessness. How do these people get by knowing they’ve just dropped someone as precious as myself on some random dance floor? Oh well, considering all the great live music, I guess it’s in some way conceivable that I would get sidelined while they sway to the beat.

Read the rest of my journey here.

Medea Merely Mediocre: A Review:

While the efforts of the production must not go unrecognised, we found it slightly difficult to enjoy the play beyond what it was – a contemporary adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy.

Performers in Medea on 9 July 2015 at the National Arts Festival. The fresh take on Euripides’ classic tragedy aims to tell Medea’s story in a more current context, primarily intended to be relevant to women of today. (Photo: CuePix/ Amanda Horsfield)

Set in a more relatable context, the isiXhosa and English play had some engaging imagery that helped elevate the play to a level that kept our attention

This play had some good points, but also lacked in a number of ways. Read more of the review here.

By Thembilihle Ngcai & Amanda Murimba

Dr Stef’s Sidesplitting Hypnosis:

Dr Stef takes volunteers on a journey into their subconscious minds as they carry out amusing antics on stage at the National Arts Festival. Read the full story here.