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Creative Portfolio

Copywriter: Dragonfly Creative Marketing Studios

As of 1 March 2017, I've been employed as a copywriter at the digital marketing and branding agency - Dragonfly Creative Marketing Studios (DFM).


Producer: BusinessDay TV

From March 2016 - February 2017, I was employed as a Producer at BusinessDay TV which broadcasts on DSTV Channel 412.

Freelance: Conté Magazine

Since March 2016, I have had the pleasure of writing for the bi-annual creative portfolio magazine, Conté Magazine, which is a project executed by the Conté Creatives Agency.

Podcast: FYI: Reality TV Shows

On this episode of FYI, I discuss Reality TV shows and the stereotypes that arise about the characters in these shows, as well as those that watch them.

Game Review: Smash Hit by Mediocre

Games company Mediocre creates multi-level platform games that are anything but ordinary. If you are looking for some entertainment to keep you captivated for hours then Smash Hit may be the game for you.

Profile: Christelle Hutchinson

A profile of Ruth First Warden Christelle Hutchinson. She discusses residence life and how her experience of living abroad has helped her formulate her own ideas of what it means to be South African and a 'mother' to 69 girls.

National Arts Festival: Cue Online 2015

A collection of work produced during the 2015 National Arts Festival for Cue Online.

Inside The Sound with Joanna Wicherek and Johan Bloom

A short news feature on Pianist Joanna Wicherek where she did a collaborative performance with European artist Johan Bloom. A collision of two worlds of art, the results of the performance are astounding.

Audio Slideshow

As one of my projects in 2015, I created an Audio Slideshow that explores 'Geek Culture'. What does it mean to be a geek? Has the term evolved from earlier conceptions of it? And what about being a geek or nerd in the 21st century makes you ‘hip to be square’? 

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